Managing Traumatic Stress: Tips for Recovering from Disasters and Other Traumatic Events

Disasters can be sudden, unexpected, and overwhelming. Even if there are no physical injuries, there can be a serious emotional toll. How can you help yourself and your family recover? First, take time to adjust and mourn your… Read More

Employee Rights and PTSD

As PTSD comes to the forefront of the American attention, the issue of working it into employee rights also gains momentum. Securing rights for those with visible, physical disabilities has been relatively straightforward. Wheelchair ramps, new technology to… Read More

Taking for Real the Imaginal

Even though not physically part of reality, the imaginary world plays a significant role in the psyche of every human individual. Dreams and fantasies provide opportunities for mental exploration and a break from daily issues we may be… Read More

Relaxation Therapy and Stress

For those dealing with stress on a regular basis, it probably comes as no surprise that relaxation is an optimal tool for conquering that stress. Some popular and effective techniques include meditation and relaxation training. Beyond helping to… Read More

Caregiving When Dealing With PTSD

If you have a loved one going through trauma recovery, you may find yourself in a caregiving position. What trauma survivors need most during their recovery is constant loving support. Unfortunately, this can be difficult for caregivers to… Read More

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re like most Americans, you probably rang in the New Year with some resolutions in mind. While setting personal goals is important, New Year’s resolutions as a whole do not work. In fact, when we focus on… Read More

Moral Injury and Soul Repair

After a traumatic event, the injury can go beyond physical and psychological damage. In Fort Worth, Texas at the Brite Divinity School, there is a novel treatment center solely for aiding the wounded moral identities of trauma survivors…. Read More

Regain Control Over Your PTSD Thoughts

When dealing with PTSD and working towards recovery, managing your PTSD thoughts can be one of the toughest parts of your path. But believe it or not, considering PTSD as an addiction can help create realizations and effective… Read More

Seeing Things? Hearing Things? Many of Us Do

Ten percent of the population experiences auditory or visual hallucinations. Often people are too ashamed to mention this, as they fear being labeled mentally incompetent. In fact, in a study involving people who visited various hospitals and complained… Read More

Disaster Stress and Older Adults

In the wake of a natural disaster such as hurricane Sandy, there is no doubt that stress is running high as those affected seek to restore normalcy. But for older adults that stress can be magnified, especially for… Read More